Fly High at Indoor Trampoline Parks


There’s nothing like waking up Christmas morning to a brand-new trampoline waiting in your backyard. Take that thrill and multiply it by a billion.

Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park in Atlanta, is a great location for exercise and entertainment. I visited the park during Spring Break with my friend Morgan (pictured above). Morgan and I participated in Open Jump. With Open Jump, participants pay by the hour or half hour and jump on the main court. The main court consists of about 20 trampolines with trampolines lining the walls, allowing you to bounce off the walls and onto the main court. Six tumble tracks run between the trampolines as well. We jumped for 30 minutes ($9) and that was plenty of time to make us sweat.


You can also reserve Sky Zone for birthday parties and attend jump classes. They have courts for dodgeball and basketball also, which is the only chance I’ll ever have at dunking.

Though there weren’t many “big kids” at Sky Zone when Morgan and I visited, it’s definitely a sport for all ages. If you live in the Atlanta area, I recommend purchasing a membership. It’s more fun than aerobics at the gym.

Safety is a main priority at Sky Zone, so you have to sign a waiver. Before jumping, an employee will give you a safety spiel, and employees monitor the courts. The main rule- only one person per trampoline.

Sky Zones have opened in several big cities. Visit their website to find a location near you.


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